Beady Celtic TIGERS EYE Necklace

Beady Celtic TIGERS EYE Necklace

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Beady Celtic TIGERS EYE Necklace

Beaded jewellery combining hand cast celtic design pewter beads and semi precious stones. Hand-crafted in Wales by Annie Wealleans of Black Dragon Crafts.

Gemstone Properties

In many ancient cultures it is said that gemstones and crystals have unique healing properties. It is believed by many that these can also help with the problems that we encounter in every day modern life. Many common properties can be discovered by clicking the link here.

Tiger Eye

Self confidence, mental focus, energy centering, yin and yang energies, perception, divination, money, luck, protection, intuition. May aid hypochondria, eye diseases, stubbornness, unwanted emotions. Brings ideas to reality



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Made in Wales? Hand cast & crafted in South Wales